Prostate Orgasms


Prostate Orgasm

Prostate orgasm is the term used for massaging the prostate gland in order to produce a flow and elimination of seminal fluid (semen) without ejaculation.


Prostate orgasm is normally used therapeutically to treat and prevent a variety of prostate disorders such as prostatitis and BPH (Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy). Even many medical professionals recommend prostate orgasm as a way of soothing and relieving prostate distress.

Prostate orgasm is also used for sexual pleasure. To intensify the orgasm in masturbation or with a partner.

Want More Intense Orgasms?

A prostate orgasm can be an extremely sensual experience. And can be intense!

Prostate orgasm stimulation used during intercourse or masturbation will give you an orgasm that will "knock your socks off!" It is considered the same as manipulating a woman's G-spot.

Also, if you are trying to increase your semen flow during sex or masturbation, prostate orgasm stimulation will normally do that.

Achieving A Prostate Orgasm

A prostate orgasm stimulation can be performed alone, by a professional, or with a partner.

The most common and most effective way to perform prostate stimulation is through the anus. Traditionally, when a partner or spouse helped with the prostate orgasm stimulation, they used their finger.

They would insert their finger into the anus and massage the prostate gland gently.

The prostate is easy to locate. It is a few inches above the anus on the belly side. It is about the size of a walnut (when not enlarged) and easy to feel and recognize.

The prostate orgasm is achieved by massaging and squeezing the prostate gland in a downward motion. During a prostate orgasm, semen flows out rather than being squirted out (as in a regular ejaculation).

The problem with fingers is that they are usually about and inch or two too short to do the job well. It feels good, but, a finger doesn't usually reach to the top of the prostate gland and don't do an efficient job of milking the prostate gland (releasing the fluid).


Performing A Prostate Orgasm Stimulation


A prostate orgasm stimulation can be performed by a medical professional or at home.


Urologists routinely perform a prostate stimulation to gather fluid (semen) for testing.


Men unaccustomed to prostate stimulation may feel it uncomfortable. But, doctors were never known for their finesse in this area.


A prostate orgasm should always be done gently. There are those who recommend a very vigorous prostate stimulation or massage when trying to achieve the strongest orgasm. That can cause serious medical injuries. Even fatality.


Whether for therapeutic purposes or pleasure purposes, gently and thoroughly is best.



The Benefits Of A Prostate Orgasm:

·         prostate orgasm stimulation prevents build up of semen in the prostate gland

·         prostate orgasm stimulation cleanses the prostate

·         prostate orgasm stimulation increases the circulation to the prostate gland, bringing nourishment and oxygen to heal it

·         prostate orgasm stimulation makes masturbation unnecessary and removes the desire for it